Natural Treatments for ADD

Reducing added sugar intake and opting for nutrient-rich fruits & veggies may help

Reducing added sugar intake and opting for nutrient-rich fruits & veggies may help

Question: I was wondering if you have any recommended all natural treatments for Attention Deficit Disorder [ADD]. Do you have a product called Synaptol®?

Answer: It’s tricky. The fact is that science doesn’t point to a causal relationship between dietary factors and ADD, but anecdotal evidence from parents of children with ADD would say there some things that are certainly worth checking out.  As a parent, I want to check those things out.

The good news is that of the first 4 recommendations listed below, none of them are going to cause any harm and, if in doing so, behaviour improves, well that is a bonus.  

It is good to keep a behaviour diary (only brief bullet points needed) so you can track what makes a difference.

In the “won’t cause harm” category try:  

  • Avoiding artificial colours and preservatives (tartrazine and sodium benzoate being the most commonly reported ones)
  • Reducing added sugar intake – we all could use less of this, providing that in reducing added sugar the calories are switched out for nutrient rich, healthy foods instead!
  • Following a gluten-free diet (only if one is diagnosed with celiac disease).
  • Ensuring adequate intake of omega-3 fats – many children and adults alike do not consume enough omega-3 fats.  For food sources and more information on omega-3 fatty acids visit:

Pomme Natural Market takes the guess work out of finding foods and beverages that do not contain artificial colours and preservatives.  In store, you will find low sugar, no added sugar products, gluten-free foods and omega-3 rich foods as well as supplements.  

In the “need to be careful” category are supplements. Although some studies show that some children with ADHD have lower blood levels of iron, zinc and magnesium (and thus would benefit from supplementation), it is absolutely necessary to work with your doctor or naturopath to accurately assess levels through proper blood work to ensure that supplementation is warranted.

Other considerations include:

  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Enjoy plenty of physical activity/active play
  • Having regular nutrition and hydration breaks throughout the day

At this time, Pomme Natural Market does not carry Synaptol®.  Please consult with your doctor, pharmacist or naturopath before taking any natural health or homeopathic product to identify any drug/nutrient reactions and determine if the product is right for you.

Yours in health,
Areli Hermanson, RD
Dietitian Consultant to Pomme Natural Market

Health science changes quickly.  The information contained in this material should not be misconstrued as medical advice.  Always consult with your doctor or trusted health provider to determine what is best for you.