Diet and Auto-immune Disease


I was wondering if you could talk more about how diet affects people with MS and auto-immune diseases. Which foods to avoid and why, and supplements that could be of benefit. I've heard things like the Solanaceae family [nightshades], dairy from any animal, and sugars from fruits are all known to cause flare ups. Internet sources are helpful but inconsistent. Any advice?


Short answer, yes, lots. :) Long answer, this one is tricky and near impossible to answer without meeting you in person or attending a weeklong conference. My best advice is to contact a dietitian through the Dietitians of Canada Find a Dietitian search. Of course, working with your MD, Specialist AND a Registered Dietitian is the best way to manage conditions such as MS and other auto-immune diseases. Also, consider complementary and alternative medicine as a way to complement the treatment and diet/lifestyle recommendations suggested by your health care team.  You are right when you say that Internet sources are helpful but inconsistent.  A good place to start for reliable, credible information is The MS Society at

Thank you for your question.  We at Pomme wish you the best in health and happiness.

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