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TALK @ Poco: Iridology with Johnathan Ley

This is a free talk but please register in-store or call to reserve your spot!

Discover Secrets To Your Health Through Your Eyes - Iridology, or the study of the iris, shows us that different parts of your iris actually provides us with a map of what's going on inside of your body, which can then be useful to determine how to approach working with health conditions. Here are a few things the iris reveals: specific areas of inflammation in the body, chemical deposits, if you're absorbing the nutrients from your food, neurological weaknesses, cholesterol deposits in different parts of the body. Join Chartered Herbalist, Detoxification Specialiist, and Life Coach, Jon Ley, for a free event where you'll get to discover where your specific health strengths and weaknesses are as well as what you can do about them. You'll never look at your eyes the same way again!