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Free Talk @ Poco: Eating for a Cognitive Edge w/ Daniel Bissonnette

Can you eat your way to BETTER  MEMORY, FOCUS andCONCENTRATION? We certainly can build a Better,FASTER, SMARTER BRAIN by Eating the Right Foods!!! But we can also deteriorate it by eating the Wrong Foods and end up feeling SLOW, MOODY and UNFOCUSED?

I wasn't born an Einstein or “GIFTED”, but was able to ACHIEVE Great things because, I activated my “INNER GENIUS.”

Join me for a Fun, MIND EXPANDING afternoon to discover my top 3 Nutrition Hacks for Activating your INNER GENIUS and learn:

*Which Foods Best Boost Memory Focus and Concentration?
*What time is your Body Primed to absorb Nutrients?
*What are the “Best Food Combinations” for Maximizing Nutritional value.
* “Intermittent Fasting” Do's and Don’ts
*My #1 BREAKFAST Recipe for Activating GENIUS!

Meet 13-year old Daniel Bissonnette… 13-year old Daniel Bissonnette is the world's top 100 most influential Vegans, international Speaker, Activist, Social Media Influencer and Author of “Daniel's Breakfast Burst.”

What started out as a bullied “weird kid” who wanted to help a few kids eat healthier, has taken Daniel on a journey far beyond his classroom walls…

Since the age of 9, Daniel appeared on stages of leading Health events across Canada and the US. By the age of 10, he was named “Vancouver’s best loved Speaker”, by 11 he became a Signature Speaker with “Western Canada's Premier Consumer Health Shows” and by 12, became one of the World's top 100 most Influential Vegans and joined the non-profit organization “Borneo Wildlife Preservation”.

In his book “Daniel’s Breakfast Burst” which quickly became a hit and was featured in magazines, radio and TV like CBC, MacLean’s and Merto News to name a few, Daniel shares a simple yet profound message: “Make Breakfast make a Difference!” He offers insights and recipes, showing how you can nourish your body and Intellect to unlock your inner Genius, and gives a portion of his proceeds to fund Reforestation and Wildlife Conservation projects in Borneo.

Daniel is currently writing “Genius Mode” his anticipated upcoming book… where he reveals how “You don’t have to be born ‘Gifted’ to achieve Greatness, but can Influence your Biology and turn your Genius Mode On!” He offers simple strategies for improving Memory, Intellect and getting that Cognitive Edge!

So stay tuned, follow his weekly “Daniel Show” on YouTube and daily Inspiration on Instagram and Facebook!

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