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Free Talk @: Poco: The POWER of PURICA Medicinal Mushrooms, Superfoods & Natural Remedies

The POWER of PURICA Medicinal Mushrooms, Superfoods & Natural Remedies

 How to Strengthen Your Immune System to Fight Off Colds, Flus and More
With Dr. Patrick Callas, ND

Prevent colds, flus and other infections by boosting your immune system every day with natural remedies. And when it's too late for prevention and you are sick, discover which remedies are best for kicking the infection out. Dr. Callas will share clinical insights, such as how digestive health is key to a healthy immune system. With the rise in allergies, sensitivities, and autoimmune diseases, it is so crucial to help your customers balance and strengthen their immunity. Dr. Callas will use his knowledge as an ND to help show how the Purica Suite of Immune support products will make a difference for your stores and most importantly your customers. His discussion will educate attendees on the patented formulations of Prevent and Prevail along with the highly esteemed Purica Medicinal mushrooms and what key things set them apart for helping your customers.

BIO: Dr. Callas founded Island Natural Health Clinic on Salt Spring Island. He currently practices in south Surrey at SCIMEDICA Health Group and in Vancouver at Pure North where his special focuses are on cancer, trauma, and brain health. Dr. Callas is a passionate storyteller and he proudly speaks for Purica.

Later Event: May 16
Demo @ Poco: Solecito salsa