It's Heart Month: Time for some Heart Lovin' items!

February is National Heart Month in Canada. Pomme Natural Market takes your heart to heart and makes it easy to fuel your body with heart-healthy nutrients - without pesticides, hormones or chemical additives.  Eating well helps you to keep your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check and boost your overall sense of vitality, giving you more energy to do the things you love to do. Shop to your heart’s content at Pomme Natural Market and place some of these good-for-your-heart items in your basket today!


In the Deli:
•    Roasted chicken, salmon, tuna, edamame, tofu, and ready-to-enjoy salads and sanwiches.

In the Grocery Aisles:
•    Whole grains, walnuts and almonds, flax and hemp seeds, black beans, split peas and lentils and dark chocolate

In Healthy Living:
•    Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin D, B-Complex and CoQ10
*Talk to your health care provider to ensure that supplements are safe for you. 

In Produce:
•    Fresh herbs and veggies and fruit like sweet potato, Swiss chard, carrots, oranges and berries

In the Eco Store:
•    Massage oil, beeswax candles, bubble bath

You’ll find heart-loving items in every aisle. See you in-store!