Clean Food - It's Changing Everything

Food matters.  Our collective outlook on food is shifting.  There is a rising interest in the quality of food, where it comes from, the impact of industrial farming methods on our environment, animal welfare and, of course, health benefits.

The 2008 recession was hard on the organic food market.  Consumers switched to non-organic foods to try and make ends meet.  Today there is much more competition in the sector, resulting in lower prices. Consumers have returned in full force, product availability has never been better, and local organic growers are supported.

We care about what happens to food before we put it in our mouths.  As consumers we are increasingly rejecting genetically modified foods and inhumane methods of raising livestock. We are concerned about the impact of long-haul transport, the massive amounts of fuel consumed, and the high levels of food spoilage occurring during this transport.  The internet and social media bring these issues to our attention daily.  You have to be living under a rock to not be at least moderately informed today.

Farmers and labourers in many countries are paid ridiculously low wages and work in unsafe conditions to produce food products of questionable quality.  The organic food sector has been instrumental in making this knowledge widespread.  Get in the habit of looking for fair-trade certification or fair-trade practice.  When you purchase these products you know that workers have been paid a living wage.

The surge in organic food sales has been driven by small independent producers and by consumers.  As consumers demand more organic, clean, fair-trade, vegan and other specialty products, choice and price are getting better for everyone. Good food really does change everything.

At Pomme we care about your food - how it is grown and where it comes from.  We support local organic producers, fair trade practices and high standards of animal welfare.  But we don’t just have values...our fresh food tastes good and we have a great selection of organic products.  Come on in!