Good Food DOES Makes A Difference

World Environment Day (WED) is the United Nations’ global initiative to create awareness and action for the environment. Each year, people in over 100 countries celebrate WED by doing something positive for the earth. 
This year WED is today, June 5th and the theme is "Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care." The reality is the whole world needs to embrace sustainable living for a healthy future for our planet. Living more sustainably and eco-consciously doesn’t have to be difficult though. Our everyday actions can create positive change! 

At Pomme, we’re all about changing the world with good food, so this year we’re focusing on enjoying good food every day for the benefit of our planet and our health!
If you aren’t already buying organic fruits and veggies, consider making the switch! Organic produce is better for you, the environment and our farmers because environmentally harmful chemicals aren’t used to grow organic and there is an emphasis on sustainable practices to maintain the land, which is great for our environment. 
We’re lucky to live in a region with an abundance of sustainable local growers and food producers, so it’s easy to buy more local food every day. Not only do local foods require less transportation (less emissions!), you are directly supporting your community and enjoying the freshest food available (hello nutrients!).  

Another small change we can all make is to consume less meat and to make sure the meat we do eat is from small-scale, local and more sustainable producers.

Finally, preparing food at home and from scratch is a way to reduce packaging and plastic consumption. Buying in bulk and focusing on fresh foods for your meals saves money and is an awesome way to discover new recipes and have fun making delicious meals you can share with your family and friends. 
We’d love to hear how you choose to make a difference to the environment every day and be sure to stop by for good food at Pomme!

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