Simple Tips for Healthy Holidays

The festive season can be an absolute whirlwind of events and visits; of crafting, shopping, and/or nibbling. It's par for the course to feel a bit overwhelmed at moments, and all the delicious sugary treats and drinks that suddenly surround us can sometimes just bring your energy down when you need it most. We put together a little list of simple things you can do to help navigate the season as your healthiest self, while still feeling like you're allowed to celebrate and indulge.

1) Bring something delicious AND nutritious to the party.

This is the easiest way to make sure your dinner on a party night doesn't consist of candy canes and shortbread. Just to be clear, we wouldn't judge if it did, but if you're looking to maintain some kind of blood sugar balance for whatever reason, here's one of our favourite party mixes to bring: take some good mixed nuts, some dried dates and/or figs, and some super dark chocolate bars broken up into bite size pieces, toss them all together in a bowl, and plunk the bowl down on the table. It's so easy! And it's delicious and feels quite luxurious, while providing protein, antioxidants and endorphins—and the dried fruits offer natural rather than processed sugar for your sweet tooth. Whatever you bring, it's a really good idea to make sure you do eat a bunch of the healthy stuff before you move onto the treats, that way you know your body is getting the fuel it needs while your spirit is getting the fun it deserves :)

2) Stay hydrated.

'Tis also the season for boozy, sugary drinks. From rum and eggnogs to gingerbread lattes, the liquid portion of your diet at this time of year can end up sending you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, what with all the sugar, caffeine, and well, booze. Make sure you balance it all out with fluids your body can use to maintain your heath (and sanity)! Water is always great! Herbal teas are always great—a couple of months ago we posted some recipes for make-at-home healing teas right here on this blog! We are of course big fans of kombucha! If you're feeling like something a bit more traditionally decadent, though, we suggest making a cup of natural peppermint hot chocolate. Again, this is very simple. First, brew yourself a cup of peppermint tea. Then stir in a tablespoon or two (depending on mug size and personal taste) of organic cocoa powder, a tablespoon or so of raw honey, and a generous teaspoon of coconut oil, and then stir or mini-whisk away until everything is smooth and combined. You might want to pop it back in the microwave or reheat in a pot on the stove top at this point if you like your hot chocolate super hot, but this is really nice, rich drink that has tons of good stuff for you.

3) Find time for yourself.

If you can snatch just 20 minute here and there—even if it means hiding in the bathtub (we also did a little article on awesome bath recipes!)—this is so worth doing, especially if you feeling like you're become kind of scattered and maybe even forgetful (it happens when there are so many balls in the air). When you take a few minutes to slow down and collect your thoughts, to remind yourself that the world will not end if your wrapping job isn't perfect or you're little bit late to the gathering, we can almost guarantee you will actually reclaim those 20 minutes because you'll function so much better with a little more mental clarity. Spending 20 minutes or so exercising is obviously fantastic way to spend your time with yourself, too, but if you can't quite get to the gym, or even changed into gym clothes, just doing some simple stretches with deep breaths can work wonders for relieving tension. 

4) Shop small and local.

Ok so obviously we're biased on this one because Pomme is local. But we also get to meet and work with so many amazing local vendors who put so much energy, commitment, and heart into what they do, and who work with such high ethical standards... We can pretty much promise that finding some of the smaller shops where you can 'meet the makers', as they say, will give you a real mood boost—and therefore an energy boost—thanks to the kind of focused, human interaction and general warm fuzzies you don't always get at a crazy packed mall.

However you celebrate the season, we hope it's a truly wonderful one for you.