June Produce Report

Welcome to Pomme’s Produce Report.  Al, our Produce manager at Pomme Nanaimo, will be giving you the inside scoop on what's in season and insight into the market trends in the produce industry.

Al has been in the produce industry for 40+ years and has had many roles from produce procurement manager to liaison manager with the Okanagan growers association. We are lucky to have him at Pomme!

What an exciting month June is going to be! It’s a big month for stone fruit like BC apricots and cherries, which we should be seeing within the next week or so, so keep an eye out for them. (There are some cherries already coming out of South Okanagan, but the price is very high still and fruit is on the smaller size, so we’ll be holding off on those for just a little longer.) The people at BC Tree Fruits are predicting a bumper crop again this year. Let’s just hope we don’t get too much rain in the next two weeks! We'll be keeping a close watch on the weather to make sure the fruit doesn’t become water logged or worse, split, which is notorious for cherries. Available from California right now are peaches, nectarines, seedless red, black, green grapes and plums. Enjoy!

There will be lettuces and kale coming out of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island soon, so look for them in our stores. There will also likely soon be local strawberries in our stores, but that depends on the amounts available. Once they do arrive, quality and quantity will dictate price and it will be a first come first serve. Shop early and often to avoid disappointment and take home the local freshness!