Allergy & Your Microbiome: Free Talk @ Nanaimo

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Thursday, March 16th, 2017, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Pomme Natural Market Nanaimo
6560 Metral Drive Nanaimo, British Columbia, V9T2L9
Please call 250-390-1955 or register in-store to reserve your spot!

Join us for a FREE TALK on allergies and your microbiome, with Rebecca Llewellyn BCs CNP CH!

Complementary Session Agenda

- Overview of the micobiome
- Allergy, sensitivity & intolerance
- Role of the bicrobiome in allergy, sensitivity & intolerance
- Elimination diet & oral food challenge overview
- Establishing & maintaining a strong & diverse micro biome
- Probiotics (foods & supplements)
- Prebiotics
- Tips for selecting a good probiotic supplement

About the Speaker

Rebecca’s love for nutrition started early. At a very young age she learned how to cook and bake and, as a teenager, she worked in the food services/catering industry. After completing a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biochemistry at Carleton University in Ottawa, she gained valuable experience working in health food stores, a compounding pharmacy, and a metabolic testing lab before starting a decade long career in the pharmaceutical industry. Loving fitness and nutrition, Rebecca briefly pursued personal training and sports nutrition, and taught spin classes. Always drawn to an integrative approach to wellness, Rebecca maintained her connection to holistic practices over the years, as she struggled to overcome her own health challenges. Eventually she decided to leave the western healthcare industry to pursue formal education in Holistic Nutrition and Herbal Medicine. When she’s not busy running her private Holistic Nutrition practice on Vancouver Island or mentoring IHN students who are participating in the Student Clinic, she can be found creating new herbal concoctions, playing guitar, riding her bike, or planning a new travel adventure.