Fee Talk @ PoCo: Release Yourself from Chronic Pain & Inflammation


Thursday, Nov 29th, 7:00pm – 8:00 PM
Pomme Natural Market Port Coquitlam
#9-2755 Lougheed Highway, Port Coquitlam

To register call (604) 475-2505 or sign up in-store at Pomme Natural Market.

Release Yourself from Chronic Pain & Inflammation with Dr. David Wang, ND

Chronic pain and inflammation don’t have to be part of a normal life.

Taking medications like topical or oral anti-inflammatories may provide temporary relief and keep symptoms under control, but the cause of the pain and inflammation is still there in your body. Ignoring the root causes of inflammation is like ignoring the check engine light on your car’s dashboard and hoping everything will keep running as it should. It’s not a wise long-term solution. 

Join Dr. David Wang, ND on Thursday November 29th as he discusses the underlying causes of chronic pain, and natural, non-invasive strategies to help address the root cause that can help provide you with relief. 


What You Will Learn:

  • The underlying causes of chronic pain

  • Why gut health contributes to chronic pain

  • How stress and adrenal gland health leads to pain and inflammation

  • Natural non-invasive strategies to help address the root problem and provide relief

Dr. David Wang, ND is the founder and formulator of Pranin Organic nutritional supplements. David has been practicing naturopathic medicine for over 26 years and has dedicated his life to educating his patients and the public about the power of using food as medicine.