Meet Ken - Healthy Living Supervisor

Ken Mohammed, Supervisor, Healthy Living

Ken Mohammed, Supervisor, Healthy Living

Ken is a holistic Registered Nutritionist and a teacher at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, he is also a certified permaculture practitioner. Ken enjoys Pomme’s great selection of fresh and local organic produce, especially the fresh herbs and sprouts grown organically on site. Ken appreciates how Pomme is dedicated to community and environment, from helping out local schools and the alternative health community, to ensuring all of our waste products are properly recycled or composted. Ken is active in the community with land restoration, environmental and alternative health advocacy, and social justice. With a new baby in his life, all these things have become even more important and he is glad to have found a company that matches all of his ideals. Next time you are in, please come by and say Hello to Ken in Healthy Living!

The Choice is in Your Hands

When we are at the grocery store, the market or the farm gate we have a choice – organic or not, in-season or greenhouse grown, local or imported, transitional or conventional.  Your choice may be driven by cost, seasonality or taste, it might be guided by your support of local growers or by the protection of your health and the environment.  Whatever the reason, the choice is in your hands!  My suggestion is to make the decision which will optimize your nutrient intake and minimize your toxin load.  Buying local, in-season produce and organic products protects your inner environment and the outer environment too.

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