Home Made Cream Cheese

What You'll Need

Plain Organic Yogurt (your desired amount)
Medium sized Container (for draining into)
Cheese Cloth
Small Container (for storage)
Fresh Herbs or Sweets (flavour)



  1. Drop yogurt in cheese cloth and let drain for as long as possible into medium container
  2. When yogurt separates; the liquid that drips into the container is pure whey (see below)
  3. The hard mass left over is your pure cream cheese
  4. Add fresh herbs or chopped or finely diced fruits as desired
  5. Whip together all your ingredients until cream cheese is a smooth consistency
  6. Transfer to small container and store.
  7. Keep whey in a separate container and user per instructions below


This cream cheese is far superior to anything that you can buy in the store as you have made it yourself and it contains no additives or preservatives and has fresh ingredients (if added). Whey delivers large amounts of complete essential amino acids and is great for boosting the rate at which the body makes lean muscle mass. It is slightly laxative and cleansing for the kidneys and contains plenty of friendly bacteria which is great for the intestines and flora. Whey is also high in minerals and is helpful in developing the long bones of the body. Make sure to use whey in smoothies, to make soup, oatmeal, or in any place where you can add a nutritional liquid.