Fast Breakfast Frittata

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Fast Breakfast Frittata

Momma was right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This easy frittata offers up veggies, cheese and a good amount of protein. Having some of the prep done the night before makes this a quick and delicious way to start your day. Serves 4.


4 eggs
3 tbsp milk
⅛ tsp garlic powder
⅛ tsp onion powder
Salt and pepper to taste

½ small onion, diced
½ c or 1 handful of broccoli florets cut into small pieces
½ c or about 3 inches of a zucchini, diced
¼ medium red, orange or yellow pepper, diced
1 good handful of washed baby spinach (about 2 cups)
½ tomato, diced
½ c grated cheese of choice (aged cheddar, Swiss, Monterey jack, feta, goat, soy or Daiya dairy-free cheese)


1.    Crack eggs and whisk with a fork or whisk.
2.    Add milk to eggs and whisk until well combined.
3.    Dice onion, zucchini, peppers and tomato. Break up broccoli into small florets. Set aside.
4.    Grate cheese and set aside.
5.    Over medium heat, heat a frying pan with 1 tablespoon of oil. Add onions and broccoli. Let   cook for 1-2 minutes. Add zucchini and pepper.  Remove from frying pan and set aside.  
6.    Heat broiler on high.
7.    Brush frying pan with a small amount of oil. Pour in egg mixture. Let egg cook from the bottom up. Using a spatula lift edges of the egg and by rotating the pan let the liquid egg on top flow under the cooked egg until most of the egg has been cooked through.
8.    Remove egg from heat. Top with spinach, tomato and cooked vegetables. Top with cheese and then place under broiler until the cheese has melted and the top of the egg is cooked. Enjoy!

Note: To help with the morning routine, the night before mix the eggs with milk and spices and place in a covered container in the fridge. Dice vegetables and grate cheese. Place in a container in the fridge overnight. In the morning all you need to do is cook the components and put it together.