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DEMO @ Poco: Live Blood Analysis

If you're concerned about the health of your blood, stop on by on December 12th to have The Blackburn's enlighten you with a Live Blood Analysis!

Quest for Health Academy Excerpt:

"LBA gives a unique perspective on an individual’s health by viewing nearly invisible micro organisms in the blood, the red blood cells themselves, your amazing immune system white cells and a host of other elements floating in the plasma of your blood.  It’s a powerful way to assess the overall balance in your internal (pH) pool and the disease-causing factors in your body."

"By viewing a drop of your own blood under a very powerful microscope (1000X) and comparing it to a healthy specimen, a trained analyst may alert you to any imbalance or disease-causing factors. You will view your living blood on a monitor screen and John will explain to you in a simple and informative way how it relates to your body and health. Pictures will be taken and recorded on a CD that will be inserted in a personal folder that will also include a five page live and dry blood report plus a recommendation sheet. You have all new blood in your body every three to four months so upon following recommendations you can change that picture quite rapidly and also feel the improvement. It will give you a feeling of empowerment seeing how you can change your own body."

A examination regularly costs $129, but for Pomme PoCo, it will be offered for ONLY $80 (w/ a $10 deposit)!

Thanks to Dr. Diane Blackburn, PhD, and Dr. John Blackburn, BSc, for the service they will be providing.


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