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DEMO: Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee

Paradise Mountain Organic Farm is a single estate, organic property that has incredible karma and World Class coffee. The farm is located north of Chiang Mai, Thailand at approximately 3700 ft. above sea level. Flying over the land you cannot tell that a farm exists below you because not one tree has been taken down. The forest provides a perfect canopy of shade for our coffee trees. We are dedicated to the preservation of the natural landscape adhering to the highest level of organic standards. While not disturbing the landscape we have been able to place an entire farm amongst the trees. The result is a high quality, single estate, bird friendly plantation/farm. 

The richness of our biodiversity, clean air and natural spring water source, as well as the populations of plants and animals (including ourselves) completes the sustainability cycle. While sustainability is at the core of our operation, there are many other perspectives to this project. It’s all about giving back to those less fortunate then ourselves. It is a legacy project for our children and grandchildren. It supports Hill Tribe villages. We directly employ 18 full time workers and up to 100 part time workers at harvest. We are actively involved in community projects, from providing sports equipment, soccer balls and shoes to kids, to medical supplies, to replacing the roof at the village school. We work closely with the village elders in the community to not disturb the natural order. We have no hidden agenda other than a sincere desire to help others-no strings attached!

It all started when Mr. Deg Whittall met Mr. Muang Keaw while traveling through the Chiang Mai area. Mr. Muang Keaw or M.K. as he is kindly referred to, talked about his lifelong involvement with the Thai Department of Agriculture and the Royal Projects a foundation started by the King of Thailand to help the mountain villagers stop growing poppies for the drug trade. One by one, 86 villages signed on. M.K. was one of the technicians responsible for teaching the villagers how to grow coffee. After a life of devoted service to this noble cause, M.K. retired and became a partner in the development of this amazing project.

Careful attention was given to create a win for the Hill Tribe communities nearby, thus helping to put a wedge between the age old cycle of poverty and the mountain village people. Because none of the partners involved were concerned about immediate pay back, careful attention could be given at every stage to doing it right. Every step has been taken to ensure the quality in each and every turn in the road, both ethically and environmentally. We’ve built this farm from scratch. This is the 9th year of the project and we have only just begun, currently the farm is about 200 acres in size. We have great appreciation and respect for what our forefathers and mothers went through to build farms and create a future for their families. We have had just a small taste of what they must have endured many years ago.

Every achievement was due to a large undertaking worthy of celebration. The building of the road, the farm house construction, power poles, and finally, the electricity has given us opportunity and promise. Our spring water system, ground floor nursery and attention to detail allow us to produce our own seedlings. These seedlings are nurtured, selected and then planted throughout the forest floor. We harvest our trees in the fall, bringing the cherries down from the hillsides where they are processed using the wet method. After the beans have been de-pulped and the final layer of parchment has been discarded, the beans are prepped, hand sorted and bagged in burlap sacks. After a three week boat ride across the Pacific Ocean the beans arrive in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, where they are roasted in a certified organic facility by Calgary’s local Roast Master Shawn McDonald. 

Adhering to the high elevation roasting theory, we complete the coffee’s natural cycle, roasting at or near the same elevation that the coffee was grown.

I want to thank you for taking the time to learn about our story and I invite you to try a cup of Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee. Enjoy the taste of Thailand and join us along the road to a new sustainable way of doing business. 

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