Raising Newborns for Optimal Health

Babies are not small adults.  They have immature digestive tracts and immature immune systems that require special attention for foods they are exposed to and how they are supported through illness.  There are many conflicting ideas on when and how to feed infants but once you look at their unique physiology and by following some common sense guidelines you can help improve their gut development as well as reducing illnesses.  Food sets the stage for helping to create an optimal environment for all development to occur.  

It is natural and healthy for babies to catch some common childhood illnesses.  You can learn what to look for and understand what the natural and healthy response to illness is for a baby so that you can help support them instead of hindering or suppressing the immune system's response.  

Knowing the best way to care for your baby can be overwhelming but luckily there is support to help you learn more about why babies react certain ways and how to help care for them so that you are creating an optimal environment for their development.  

If you would like to learn more please join me at Pomme Natural Market on July 9th at 1pm. I will be teaching you what to look for and how to treat babies for common illnesses as well as some tips on introducing food and healthy diet suggestions.   I will also leave lots of time for some discussion and sharing of ideas.  

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