Meet Michelle - Produce Supervisor

What Michelle likes best about Pomme are the relationships that she has formed with the staff and customers. She loves working in the Produce Department and says, “Food is a passion of mine! Not only do we have a wicked variety of all organic produce, but we have the best customers! From sharing recipes to discussing current events; I get such a charge from exchanging ideas. It’s fun to turn people on to new types of foods or to help somebody shop for dinner.” 

Michelle’s 3 favourite products, “The Deli's chicken strips... yum! The Snap Pea Crisps... so addicting! Pretty much anything in produce... except Brussels sprouts!”

Michelle has two major passions...the environment and food! Michelle has been trained in Fish, Wildlife and Recreation Management and she has her Bachelors in Ecological Restoration. Sustainability and environmental conservation are of particular importance to her. Michelle enjoys seeking opportunities to blend food production with sustainability and conservation. She is particularly interested in studying about green roofs, urban development and urban organic farming’s impacts and benefits on the local environment and surrounding communities. Pomme is not just a grocery store but a place for social gatherings of like-minded people.

Come by and say 'Hi' to Michelle in Produce!