Back to School Success: Setting Routines that Work

Back to School Success: Setting Routines that Work

So, here we are… back to school!

Before kids I didn’t understand the term gear up for school but when mine started school suit up and get ready for battle more closely described my experience. Now, a few years in to school I have a few tricks up my sleeve - with a shout out to those who have shared their tips and tricks with me along the way.

Setting a Routine that Works

If the thought of a routine is foreign to you, consider starting with these simple options.


The night before:

  • Make lunches and store them in the fridge overnight
  • Have, or help, your child organize his or her backpack
  • Help your child get to bed on time so they can wake up on time the next day (that’s a topic for another day!)

In the morning:

  • Although breakfast is the most important meal of the day, your child may not be a natural breakfast eater. If that is the case, send a smoothie in a to-go container or homemade breakfast bar.
  • Place an ice pack in your child’s lunchbox, have them grab their back pack and get them out the door


  • When your child comes home from school have him or her hang up their coat (how novel!), unpack their back pack, and compost any leftovers that can’t be reused and put empty containers, including their water bottle, in the sink for washing. Have them place any notices or forms on the counter.
  • Offer a snack and help, or have, them to start on their homework. This gives you a few precious minutes to get dinner organized.
  • After supper, have your child help with clearing the table and finish any remaining homework.

Lunch ideas

  • Hummus and crackers
  • Veggies and dip
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese and fruit
  • Deconstructed anything – sandwiches, wraps, burritos, sushi
  • Tortilla roll ups with beans and cheese
  • Cheese and sliced meats, turkey pepperoni
  • Boiled eggs

One last thing - the single best investment I’ve made is a magnetic dry erase board. If you don’t already have one I highly recommend it. Last year, despite my best effort at using my son’s planner and our family calendar, I kept losing papers, missing deadlines and making lunches on hot-lunch day (I hate that!) Now I have one place to put it all – forms, notices, homework assignment due dates, meet the teacher night, concerts, and last, but not least, hot lunch days.

Starting back at school is always a big adjustment for everyone involved. Having a routine to follow is one way to smooth out the transition and Pomme Natural Market is here to help.  Come in store to pick up back-to-school essentials from our eco-store as well as items to make breakfast and back-to-school lunches quick, delicious and nutritious - pick up yogurt and fruit for smoothies, energy balls or bars, sandwich fixings like egg, salmon and tuna, non-medicated in house roasted meats, sliced meats, salads, spreads, dips, veggies, fruit, nut-free and allergy safe goodies and more.