The How-To’s of a Happy AND Healthy Holiday

It’s a time for celebration and a time for family, friends and fun.  So much of our holiday get togethers evolve around food.  We have captured our favourite how-tos for creating celebrations to remember without compromising our health.

Pace yourself.  It is easy to get so wrapped up in everything, consider some of these strategies to keep your stress in check:

  • Sneak in some physical activity each day – a walk, swim or all-out snowball fight will be good for your head and your heart.
  • Say yes to only one activity a day. If your schedule begins to get overwhelming choose less, not more.

Eat the “10’s” only.  Holiday spreads offer a plethora of choice. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you scan the buffet table:

  • Choose a small-ish plate and decide in advance how much you plan to eat.  Eat to enjoy the food and company of others. There will be numerous occasions to practice!
  • Scan the table first and then take a sample of a few things that really appeal to you i.e. the “must haves” and spare the rest
  • Choose your nibbles wisely – some one-bite morsels pack well over a 100 calories each (make one bite morsels last 2 or 3 bites) – you will savour it longer and enjoy it all the more.  Remember, we only taste the outside of foods (texture is something totally different) so when cutting off a chuck of your favourite wheel of cheese, remember that a small taste tastes the same as a big one!
  • Try new flavours – instead of filling on the items you eat on a regular basis, explore something different (goat cheese stuffed, prosciutto-wrapped dates anyone?) 

Politely say “no” to food pushers.  They mean well, but if you really don’t want it, just say “no thank you”. It may sound ridiculous, but practice saying no.  Phrases that may work include:

  • Wow! They look delicious but I’ve really had enough
  • I’ve so enjoyed  being here this evening, everything was delicious and I’m really satisfied as is
  • Oh, geez, I can’t have another bite – it was all so very good, thank you

Remember the spirit of the season.  

  • Celebrate with family and friends
  • Offer kindness to others
  • Take some time to reflect on the year that has passed
  • Look forward to life’s adventures in the year ahead 

From all of us at Pomme, we extend our sincerest wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday.