Introducing Customer Service Manager Robin Parent at Pomme Port Coquitlam


Robin loves working at Pomme and she enjoys being at the Front End of the store where she gets to connect and converse with all of our customers.

Robin is now on a first name basis with many of our regular customers and she loves the sense of community she feels within Pomme. Robin says, “Being in a place with likeminded customers and staff with a love for good food, positivity, and holistic natural health is such a blessing.”

Robin believes she has found her passion and is currently studying holistic nutrition and plans to graduate in 2016. Robin loves the idea of growing your own food, using herbal medicine and using our beautiful earth to heal us.

Robin’s favourite products at Pomme are the roasted chickens with our delicious brine, our banana chocolate muffins and the Manuka honey chocolate truffle bars… you could say Robin has a thing for chocolate! Next time you are in Pomme POCO, make sure you say hi to Robin!