August Produce Report

August is all about local produce! With fresh fruits and veggies arriving every week, you can enjoy the summer’s bounty. 

Fresh corn is a favourite with local supply ending soon. Local organic blueberries can fill the void though! These blueberries are absolutely perfect and bursting with flavour. 

Local organic root vegetables have arrived with potatoes and carrots available. The first of the local organic apples are in too. 
British Columbia stone fruit is DELICIOUS with the most delectable peaches, nectarines and apricots gracing the shelves at all Pomme locations. 

Always enjoy yourselves, and thank the farmers you encounter, who work tirelessly to ensure that we are fed the absolute best food! 

And remember, produce selection varies from week to week and may not be the same at all locations, so please be sure to contact us to confirm what’s in-stock if you’re looking for something specific. Thank you!