Have an All Natural Easter!


Easter has roots in ancient traditions that celebrate all the new growth of spring. It’s more important than ever that we do what we can to help our planet grow and regenerate, so we’ve gathered up a few ideas to help you have a natural, Earth-friendly (and still super fun and tasty!) Easter.

It’s easy to see why eggs are traditional symbols of spring, and of Easter. While they appear in a vast variety of colourful and sugary forms around this time of year, regular, farm fresh free range chickens’ eggs are lovely just the way they are and can provide significant nutritional value, particularly as a source of protein and vitamin D. A bowl of simple, hardboiled brown and/or white eggs can look gorgeous on a brunch table. That said, decorating eggs, particularly with little ones, is really fun! If you’re keen to try a super natural, hands on approach that will extend the craft aspect of dying Easter eggs (this would be particularly appropriate for kids who are approaching the double digits) you can use a range of natural foods to create your own dyes, including beets, onions, turmeric, hibiscus, and cabbage—there are loads of resources for this online. And, of course, there’s nothing wrong with good old markers for doodles and decorations.

There of course are a variety of dietary choices out there, and we acknowledge that the egg-centric nature of Easter is not necessarily vegan friendly. If you have a vegan cookie recipe you’re really fond of, though, it can often be simple to make egg-shaped versions to celebrate the egg’s symbolism of new life, and you can of course find vegan options for dark chocolate egg-shaped treats. These days there are loads of treats available that fit with pretty much any dietary preference or need, in a whole variety of seasonal shapes, from bunnies to spring blossoms. And these more natural treat options are also great for kids’ Easter baskets—they offer all of the fun without the unnecessary chemical additives.

We definitely understand the appeal of big, fluffy stuffed bunnies and chicks, and colourful toy eggs scattered around the home this time of year! But real local spring blossoms and greenery are one of the nicest ways to create fresh seasonal atmosphere in your home, whether you find them in a local shop or can cut them from your yard. They are 100% biodegradable and won’t add to the ‘stuff’ gathering in your storage spaces! They look particularly nice on the table for an Easter brunch. Even if you don’t officially celebrate Easter, this is a great time of year to get some family and/or friends together for big spring-themed brunch, and load a table up with some of your favourite fresh, natural foods. This is another moment when you can re-think the idea that being indulgent and celebratory is somehow the opposite of being ‘healthy’ or ‘responsible’. There are so many local growers and makers now who are constantly working hard to create super delicious, environmentally responsible products for you to enjoy, and a special occasion is a great reason to try out something new. However you choose to celebrate spring, we hope you have a really lovely long weekend!