Pomme takes stock with the new Food Guide


With Health Canada’s release of the new Food Guide today, we’ve taken stock and we’ve nailed it! Pomme is well-suited to supporting you and your health in following the new Guide. With a focus on whole, locally-produced, good- for-the-earth, sustainable and natural foods, Pomme is your one-stop shop for unleashing your healthiest self.

Pomme’s take-aways from the new Guide:

1. Focus on fresh, as-local-as-possible foods; placing an emphasis on richly-coloured veggies and some fruit

2. Enjoy nutrition-packed, plant-based protein most often, and choose locally-sourced animal-based protein if and when you eat meat and poultry

3. Be mindful of your food choices – choose quality over quantity - and allow your hunger and fullness cues to guide how much you eat. Refer to the Food Guide, not for portion, but for proportion of food you eat (mostly veggies, some protein-rich food and some whole grain)

4. Get healthy fats and oils (nuts and seeds, avocado, fish, etc.)

5. Hydrate that beautiful body of yours with water and enjoy other non-sweetened beverages like kombucha, kefir, coffee, tea, or sparkling water, in addition to, but not instead of, water

So, come in and see what’s in-store for you at Pomme. With our great selection of fresh, vibrant and local produce, plant-based proteins as well as hearty ancient grains, ethically-sourced meats and more - unleash your healthiest self.