Time to Take Some Time For You


Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about couples—it can be a great opportunity to do something kind and caring for yourself! Love is love, and February is definitely a time of year when we could all use a little extra TLC, whether it's on the 14th or any regular old day of the week. It's not even necessary to make a big symbolic splurge or to somehow carve out an entire day from your busy schedule. Little gestures and moments can make a big difference to your sense of well being if you approach them with mindfulness. 

In fact, many of the things we do automatically throughout the day can take on extra meaning when done with intention. A cup of tea is often downed absentmindedly at a desk. But taking a moment to smell the aroma of a nice herbal blend and really appreciate the botanics in it is a good reminder that you are actually doing something very positive for yourself by drinking that cuppa! Watering the house plants might be one more thing on the to do list, but slowing down just a little to look for new growth, or maybe even adjusting them for slightly better light, can be surprisingly calming. Did you make a healthy dinner? Or even just… a dinner? Nourishing yourself is a great thing for you to have done. A bath or even a shower is not just functional, it really is an opportunity to care for your skin and hair and enjoy the comforting flow of water. (We do think natural skincare products are particularly important here!) Need a quick energy boost? A small splurge on some beautiful, raw dark chocolate can go a lot farther and make you feel more pampered than a trip to the drive through. Meanwhile, many of the things that also contribute to a balanced life, like catching up with friends or getting out on the hiking trail, can seem too difficult to fit into the week. But sometimes all you need to do is take the first small step of sending a text or lacing up those boots, and the rest can fall into place more easily than you’d think.

Overall, it’s just important to remember that you are deserving of the time and attention you give yourself. And if you focus on it, you might realise you are actually better at looking after you than you know—which is a nice feeling :)