Introducing Lee-Ann Carriere, our Healthy Living Supervisor at Davie Street!

Lee-Ann loves the people at Pomme Natural Market. She enjoys being surrounded by customers and staff everyday who are committed to improving their health and the health of others. Lee Ann also loves Pomme’s commitment to finding unique products and supporting local and Canadian brands. Lee-Ann says, “Ultimately, one of the best features of Pomme Natural Market on Davie Street is its unbeatable location. I love the bustling West End and having the opportunity to work near the beach and interact with all of the locals on a daily basis. It’s always a lovely experience.”
Lee-Ann’s favourite products here at Pomme are Botanica Digestive Bitters Compound, Vega Chlorella tablets and Phillip Adam Apple Cider Vinegar haircare products.
Lee-Ann would like you to feel free to talk to her about your healthy goals and natural product questions! She says, “As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, listening to customers’ concerns and providing education on our amazing selection of natural health products is the best part of my day.
To anyone looking to start themselves off on the path to better health, it’s the small changes that can make the biggest impact sometimes. Try picking up some ingredients at Pomme and enjoy the satisfaction and health benefits of creating your favourite dish at home. It’s so empowering and your body will thank you!”
Lee-Ann would like to leave you with this piece of advice, “...take care of your digestive health and manage stress by finding ways to incorporate more of the activities that you enjoy in life. You deserve it!” Please come on by our Davie Street location and say Hi to Lee-Ann!